Cleaning products and Travel Agents?

Other cleaning products are available

How is a cleaning product like a Travel Agency?

The tiles in our bathroom have been stained for a few years now as shower gels get more and more coloured and showers are used more frequently. I have always tried using ordinary cleaners and then this weekend I used C***** Bang. I was amazed that this ordinary cleaning product was so different from other products I have tried.

Why did it take me so long to convert to this product? It’s probably because I thought all cleaning products were the same and they wouldn’t make any difference. And that’s when I thought “thats like an Independent Travel Agency like us At Langford Travel.”  To the outsider they are all the same and do the same job -its not until you’ve tried a Travel Agent that you will see the difference either in speed of service, less hassle for you, more creativity or overall a better experience.

Like Cleaning products, choose an agency that suits your needs. High St Travel Agents are best for good discounts. If you know what you want then they are probably best but not everyone wants the cheapest holiday or the best price for the destination and hotel that they have chosen. Some people want to see their favourite travel agent, who knows their likes and dislikes, some people want a travel agency that specialises in particular destinations and some people want to deal with an agent who can use their creativity to come up with extra ideas on how they can make the holiday a better experience. Of course you can get really good value and best price holidays at Independent agents and expertise and great customer service at High St Travel agents so what I say is a generalisation rather than the rule. Remember Independent Agents rely on you having a great holiday so you recommend the agent to your friends (75% of Langford Travels business is from repeat Customers or their friends). They need you to have a good time. Sir Henry Royce once said “the quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten”

So if you are used to doing your own booking or using a High St Travel agent why not use an Independent one next time and see the difference (like I did with our Bathroom tiles.)