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Honey Travel

If you want to avoid getting three toasters, you can invite your wedding guests to contribute to your honeymoon with our online HoneyTravel service.

Just give them the link to this service at: www.langfordtravel.co.uk/honey-travel

And ask them to complete the following form…

Wedding Guest Name (required)

Guest's Email (required)

Guests Telephone

Gift Amount £

Bride or Grooms Name


We’ll email the wedding guest to confirm their gift and email the bride or groom to tell them who has given a HoneyTravel present and the amount.

We’ll phone the guest to arrange payment by cheque or credit card.

All HoneyTravel presents received eight weeks before your honeymoon will be deducted from your final invoice. Any payments made after this time will be paid to you by cheque on your return from honeymoon.

For a truly memorable honeymoon, it’s got to be Langford Travel.