Their father worked on the Indian Railways

Two brothers used to live in India where their father worked on the Indian Railways. They were educated at Lucknow College (where Cliff Richard was born). For two whole years they talked about going back but never got round to organizing it. Their wives were fed up with this so they fixed up an appointment to see us. One of the wives was a teacher so could only depart on a certain date and had to be back in time for the start of term.

We arranged for them to visit their birthplace and see the house where they were born. Also included were overnight rides on sleeper trains (how many
can you get in a compartment and what’s the difference between first and standard class) and a whole day looking round Lucknow and its college. They even managed to recreate the photo of one of them seated on steps leading up to the dining room. Their wives wanted something out of the trip so we arranged a trip tiger spotting in the wild with elephant rides. Most of this was done in Sri Lanka where they ended the trip with a week on the beach.

So what did they have to say about their trip down memory lane?

“In April you arranged a trip of a lifetime. It was to be a journey to India for two brothers to re-capture their youth. We gave you a list of what we wanted to do and see and you arranged everything. This included all our flights, train tickets, hotels, drivers and guides. It was a holiday that covered everything… and more than
we wanted. It was a most wonderful experience that will stay in our memories forever.”