Where can we go that’s a bit different?

“Where can we go that’s a bit different? We’ve already been to the Far East and love the vibrancy of the place.” Mr and Mrs Row set us a challenge. He wanted to treat his wife to a nice place, gorgeous white sandy beaches, turquoise seas and plenty of things for him to do as well. She wanted to see wildlife, sealife and possibly a unique experience. Borneo and Malaysia was an idea we suggested and together we filled in the gaps.

Just to the north of the Island of Borneo is Kota Kinabalu in Sabah. There are fabulous hotels and beaches, so that’s where we based the couple. From here they took trips to see orangutangs, turtles on the beach at night and bats in a cave! After a few days rest they climbed Mount Kota Kinabalu (spending one night in a hotel half way up).

Then they flew to Kula Lumpur for some shopping, using it as a base for the Taman Negara three night trip. For the next few days they saw bountiful wildlife, fished and experienced jungle trekking. On the way home they treated themselves to a night at the world famous Raffles Hotel in Singapore. The entire holiday was a blend of luxury, culture and some amazing excursions.

So what they said about their holiday even before they got back home?

“We had a fantastic time, it really was an amazing holiday and we appreciate all your hard work organising it for us. The turtle trip was fantastic, as was the rainforest. And Raffles Hotel was just out of this world. We are already talking about going back to climb mount Kinabalu again and to see some more sights we just couldn’t fit in. But we highly recommend the Tajung Aru. The staff are so friendly and it really is a wonderful place.”