Who’s our ideal customer? You’d be a-maze-d.

Picture of a maze and someone starting off their journey

Booking travel can be a bit like a maze.

It’s probably you! We love to deal with people who need a little help with their holiday. Where do you start – it’s all a bit of a maze. It might be because you don’t know enough about your destination or the best way of getting there. It could be because it’s a special trip and you want to get it right or it could be because you have something complicated in mind. Whether its all 3 of these things or just one of them we know we can help you and make your trip more creative or the planning less stressful. Contact us now using the contact form on this site  or an e-mail to sales@langfordtravel.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you.

Examples of what we are working on at the moment would include the following:

The person who went into another travel agency in town but was just handed brochures. He came in to see us and we sat him down, worked with the fact that he had flights provided free but wanted help on what to do on the West Coast of Australia. We sat him down, chatted about what was possible, gave him a rough idea on the budget, told him what to do next and then come back to us with the exact dates he had booked.

This week we are also dealing with the Honeymoon couple who know what they want but we are trying to get them the best deal and help interpret the different room types, what the resort credit can be used for and the best part of the resort to have your bedroom.

.. and a family going to a wedding in Minnesota. Some are staying there and some flying off to Florida for a bit of extreme rollercoastering at Universal Studios.

A client once asked us, “hope I haven’t asked for too many answers?” Our answer was, “It’s what we do.”