Choices in Travel and buying a car-are they similar??

Choices displayed as a signpost pointing to may directions

Too many choices

Purchasing Travel or Cars have the most choices and this where I can sympathize. I am great at helping people decide on which holiday choices are best for them but  when it comes to choosing my own holiday or choosing a car, as I am now, I am hopeless. ..and its probably because they are emotional choices. When I compare one car with another its easy to make choices based on facts but then the emotional side comes into it. Do I want a car with nice styling or lots of gadgets, do I want to spend more on a new car that will not give me any trouble or do I want to spend less on a car without a wow factor and may give me trouble and extra expense? No one except me can decide what is best but its like that with travel – do you want flights that are cheap but inconvenient, do you want the best room in a 4 star hotel or a not so good room in a 5 star hotel? A travel agent like us will help you decide by answering questions and acting as an unbiased advisor to the choices you have. Next time you book a holiday why not do some research first and then come in and book it up with a travel agent – they will advise you, look after you, narrow down the choices, take the hassle away and be with you during the trip (metaphorically) and when you come back they will be there. I am still dealing with some clients who booked with us when we first opened in 1988. This is an interesting read

So what car will I buy? It could be a Nissan Qashqai with lots of gadgets but a bit functional, or a Peugeot 3008 with a bit of style.or perhaps the 2008 new if I can afford it….and then there is cash PCP or leasing. Thank goodness my wife and I have decided it must be red!