Why risk it when you can be in safe hands?

picture of 4 people  hanging on a string a long way up. Accepting a risk.

Why risk everything?

It’s been a funny month with 3 bookings to Russia all coming at the same time (having not done any for the past few years). Last month I did 3 to India and we’ve done a few to China, Sri Lanka and Turkey…..and what do all these have in common?  They all need Visas which require applying for with differing time frames, different formats and different application methods. We’ve had to issue tickets for people whose name is spelt the wrong way round (to an English speaker) and we’ve coordinated various family members all meeting up in different places.

Russia needs your fingerprints (go to a Visa service office to do this) and  India can only be applied for within 30 days of travel. Sometimes this can put people off travelling in the first place but why be dictated to by going down the easiest route when there are agents like LangfordTravel who can help you through the minefield and be there for clients.

We want your travel to be trouble free, hassle free and risk free. Why risk all to save a few pennies when you can get a Travel Agent to take the risk away? When my clients went to The Russian Visa Service they were armed with the right documents and had my telephone number on their phone should they need to ring me to say – HELP! When my clients who were in a ski resort rang me the day before return travel to ask me to change their  flight to make it more convenient for them we were there making sure that the new arrangements were all in place and co ordinated with transfer companies, couriers and check in times.

Eliminating risk, that’s a major element of our work. Sometimes we forsee a problem before it happens, sometimes we are there to help with a problem that has happened and sometimes its just a friendly bit of advice about doing something or not doing something. Some of our clients book small trips them selves but use us for the bigger more ambitious trips because they want everything done correctly and make the most of the opportunity.

You can contact us right this moment by phone or contact form:  www.langfordtravel.co.uk/contact-us/

LangfordTravel is a safe pair of hands and is only a phone call away. The bottom of our e mail signature says. “Your Travel arrangements are too important to risk with just anyone- Michael Langford Travel guarantees you personal service and expert advice.” (just anyone, could mean you!)