Goodbye to the old – in with the new.


LangfordTravel Car

The Langford Travel car with it’s full body wrap in Harrogate – goodbye to the old.

So it’s Goodbye to the old. I have finally made a choice about what new car I will get. Despite my wife and I agreeing it should be red (see previous blog) we are getting a white one. We e also thought it must be Japanese engineering as our Toyota has never let us down.  However we are getting a French car and I have found a buyer for the old car for which I was only getting £ 50 as a part exchange.

So despite my original thoughts and the sadness of getting rid of a car that has so many memories why have I changed my mind? Firstly I would like to get my life back as I have spent every spare moment researching reviews, online videos, prices, extras and where to buy it and I felt it was time to make a decision. Move on and just deal with one person to buy the car. Having found the car I then spent my time with that person looking at the price, what extras I could have, when I would collect it and was there a warranty?

And that’s the connection with Travel. Far too often do we stay with our original choices because its easier than making  a decision on a new destination? How long do we spend researching what we might want and it takes over our lives? If only we know someone who could help us go through the options  available and give us information quickly and without bias either based on personal experience or their own research and clients feedback.

Do you see the similarity between me buying a new car and you looking for a new holiday destination or what to do when you got there. I have so many good memories of the car I had had for 15 years (with memories of family holidays, picnics, taking our children to university). I did not want to move on in case it was a bad choice. I wouldn’t have worried if I had a researcher, facilitator, advisor and after care specialist I could trust in.

If you come to Langford Travel you will get all of those things. Unbiased advice, past experience, all the hassle of paperwork and putting it all together. We will help you make choices, tweak the cost and the extras to suit your budget and expectations.

Having made the choice to say goodbye to the old I am quite excited about picking up the new car. Who knows, if you see the Langford Travel Car in Bradford (or it might be exported to a country with less rigorous MOT requirements) please give it a friendly wave or send me a Facebook post or Instagram of how its looking in its new surroundings. –  (and if the new buyer has taken the company wrap off it it should be Green – or it was when I covered it all up 10 years ago!)