When something looks out of place.

A pink hearse

A pink hearse looks out of place

Recently on a trip to Teneriffe (to stay at the 5* Roca Nivaria) we were coming home from Costa Adeje  and we saw something that wasn’t quite right. It was a pink hearse speeding down the motorway at 9pm in the evening. It was pink and it had a UK registration and it was at night.  I think anyone of those 3 things would have made it stand out.

Like this pink hearse looked out of place it can apply to our jobs as well. Quite often when you do a job you pick up those differences without even thinking about it. A doctor quite often will use his or her gut instinct to go straight to the problem or a contracts manager will immediately be able to see from a written contract that something is not quite right.

..and its like that with Travel Agents. We can look at a pricing and see whether its about right, whether it includes everything or what is missing and also areas that can be improved on or what makes up the major part of the cost. This is why we are particularly good at getting to a comfortable budget or suggesting alternatives which still fit in with your requirements. This suits Honeymooners and people doing complicated trips.

So next time you are planning something why not come to a Travel Agent (particularly an Independent one) and run your ideas past them. They can most probably help and do the trip for you – saving you time, hassle and probably money. You can send us a quick request form with your idea  www.langfordtravel.co.uk/contact-us

(and in case you are interested – according to the info about the pink hearse, it is being used as a campervan in the Canaries. I suppose the hearse has the length to lie out in but it must require a lot of curtain material!)