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Special Interests

The truly exciting thing about special interest groups is the sheer range of choice available.

If you would like to plan a holiday around a special interest you should talk to us. Here’s just a flavour of what we can do for you.

  • Arts, animals, archaeology and abseiling
  • Bird watching and botany
  • Cruising, canoeing, climbing, cooking and cycling
  • Dancing and deep sea diving
  • Expeditions and extreme sports
  • Fishing, food and fitness
  • Gardens
  • Health, horticulture, history and horse riding
  • Languages
  • Mountaineering, mountain biking and motoring
  • Nature
  • Photography, pottery, painting and pilates
  • Rock climbing
  • Sport, safari, skiing, snowboarding sailing and shooting
  • Underwater and underground
  • Walking, wildlife, wine tasting and wellbeing
  • Yoga and yachting

If you would like our help please contact us or complete our short online holiday planner.