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Special Occasions

If you’re thinking of taking a special holiday to celebrate a big birthday, anniversary or any occasion that’s special for you, we’ll help turn it into a trip of a lifetime.

Our best advice is to start planning as soon as possible. We’ll do the research (often before brochures have been printed) to make sure you get the pick of the resorts, rooms and flights as soon as they’re available. We’ll work hard to look after your every need from the moment you leave home.

Not sure where you want to go? No problem! We’ll listen to your ideas and help you decide the best place for your special holiday based on all the things you enjoy doing.

There are so many exciting places in the world to see. Whether you’re looking for history and culture, sunshine and sand or deep seas and safaris, we’ll put together a unique itinerary to meet your precise requirements.

We provide a truly personal service that doesn’t stop when you board the plane! We’re here during your holiday to amend your itinerary should your needs or local conditions change.
If you would like our help please contact us or complete our short online holiday planner.