Sometimes a Specialist is needed

A specialist cycle riders ambulance

A specialist ambulance for Cycle races

Stage 2 of Le Tour de Yorkshire cycle race came through Harrogate at the end of April. The place was packed with spectators and cyclists, picnickers and drinkers and on emerging from the crowd I found a specialist just for cycle races. It was an ambulance mounted on a Volvo chassis. If I had a crash (unlikely at the sedate 12 mph I travel at) I would want to be looked after by someone who could assess what I needed, come up with the right solution and send me out the door happy with what had happened to me.

…and its like that with some Travel Agents. When I set up the business in 1988 and again when I reviewed wanting to be a travel agent in 2006 I knew the only way to succeed and stand out from the rest was to specialize and look for Niche Markets. There are a whole host of people out there who either do not have the time nor the expertise to transform their dreams into realities or their needs into firm plans. Most Independent Travel agents like Langford Travel know that their reputation is based on the last customer that they dealt with nor do they know what the booking will lead on to. Will that person who is booking have friends who travel or will that simple inquiry actually lead on to a big booking? Independent travel agents deal with people not numbers, with ideas not bookings. So next time you or a friend of yours says “I don’t know where to start” or “I need to make this happen” why not suggest Langford Travel. It’s what we have dealt with for the last 29 years and people seem to like it. The Internet cannot be polite to you or read your mind.

…and like a Specialist ambulance we are there to help you out – before during and after your trip. Can we help you with your next idea?